Oumers Pack of 4 No Tie Elastic Shoelaces for Children, Lazy No-Tie Silicone Rubber Shoe Laces Running Shoelaces Athletic Shoe Laces Lazy Shoestrings – Kids Elastic No Tie Shoelaces @ RIVAL CLOTHING

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Tieless Shoelaces Fit for Most Shoes, like Sneaker Shoes, Men Shoes, Women shoes, Kids Shoes and so on

Why Oumers:
Oumers INC. mainly engaged in the development and export of outdoor products. Products of high quality, stylish design.
Oumers has always adhered to ” High quality products, good customer experience” business purposes.
Committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services.

Our Oumers No-Tie Shoe laces are quick to fit to your shoes or boots and will transform them into easy but secure slip-ons. They are hugely practical and they look great.
It made of high-quality silicone material, there is a strong tensile strength, even under strong pull, will not change color, pull constantly!
On the other hand, there is the contraction of the elastic laces, shoelaces can make to adapt when walking, stretching and contraction of the need to give the foot of the most comfortable feeling!
Save your time and remove your aggravation — no worry of tripped over by untied shoelaces when walking, running or sporting.
Super Convenient and Save for athletes, toddlers, children, elderly and those with limited mobility

Package include : 4 Pairs No Tie Silicone Shoelaces for Kids (1 pair Black + 1 pair White + 2 pairs Multicolor ) Each pair 12pcs

Warm Prompt:
If you have any product issue, please contact us when you received package.
We will do our best to help until this is fully resolved. Have a good time!

Convenience and time saving: No tie silicone shoelaces is very easy to install,once lacing on no need to tie and no need to worry your lace will loose during walking and running,Especially Perfect for Kids, Senior Parents or Someone Who has a hard time keeping his shoe laces tied. Used for Sneaker, Board Shoes, Sandals, Casual Shoes and so on
Silicone shoelaces are waterproof and dirt-proof. When you walking in the rain or snow no need to worry about making the shoselace dirt. Even they get dirty it’s very simply wipe them off with a wet cloth and they will keep
Lazy no-tie silicone elastic shoe laces made of high quality environmental silicone material, safe, non-toxic, tasteless!
Muticolor make it easy to DIY your shoes-Multiple ways to wear and alternate color to match, you can change the style everyday.
Affordable set including: 1 pair of back tieless shoelace and 1 pair of white tieless shoelace 2 pairs of muticolor (each pair 12pcs),A great Xmas present for your family, friends, children!

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