Taikesi Women Lyrical Shoes Foot Thong Dance Paw Half Sole Foot Toe Undies (L) Nude @ RIVAL CLOTHING

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Contemporary Dance Paws protect your toes from skin tears, montage and friction burns without having compromising the look plus feel of barefoot dance.
Made from form-fitting spandex plus an elastic band, modern lyrical half soles will certainly not shift underfoot or even slip down.
Moisture wicking fabric provides a comfy, dry environment for the particular ball of the feet. Flexible, durable, non-slippery synthetic suede makes contact along with the floor.

To reduce your feet’s stress when you are wearing high heels in your daily life.
To protect your sole during your dancing. MATERIAL INSTRUCTION:
Spandex: the spandex with great elasticity gives you comfortable feeling.
Rubber string: to keep the dance paw on your feet steady but no squeeze.
Microfiber: pad on the sole to reduce the stress and prevent slipping.
No other straps between toes. Easy to put on or take off.
Children and adults.
Please choose the right size according to size details for your comfort.
Buy them for yourself or send them to others as gift.
Without external force damage, this ballet shows could be wore very long because of the good quality materials and delicate workmanship.
Machine wash or hand wash.
This half sole shoes are small and easy to store up.
Store up after drying.
Half sole dance shoes dance paw for girls, women to learn Jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical class very helpful.
Dance paw can adsorb sweat, keep your feet dry, make you turn more easily and reduce the pain on your feet.Microfiber
WASH: Machine wash or hand wash
Perfect for Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Belly Dancing, etc
FEATURE: High quality fabric with great elasticity gives you comfortable feeling. The pad on the sole to prevent slipping.
Shoe Size Equivalents: XS (Child 4 – Child 10), S (Child 11 – 4), M (5 – 8), L (8.5 – 11), XL (11.5 – 23)

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